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For more than three decades, we have strived to build our food supply network in the Middle East. Today we are one amongst the well known suppliers in the region- Oman, UAE, KSA, Qatar and Bahrain. Over the years we have served the region’s population with fresh and quality produce enhancing their nutrition and health.

Expeditious Food Supply System

Efficient and effective product and information flow is the key to a successful supply chain system. Our depots and cold storage terminals are strategically positioned to control and monitor product and information flow. Our custom-built WMS and TMS cater up-to-the-minute food requirements of giant retailers and markets, bulk caterers and consumer goods production units.

We are Located in Oman, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain. Contact us for more info.

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We produce a wide variety of vegetables throughout the season in Oman, while we source them from sub-contracted farms around the globe during off-season. We believe in the long-term sustainability of the land that we farm as land owners, tenants or consolidators.


Amongst the diverse fresh produces that we import to the region, we are the sole distributors for several brands in the sultanate. Premium fresh produces are sourced from farms and consolidators over 50 countries.


Our pack houses in the GCC, offers you quality produce anywhere in the world. Our facilities near Sohar Free zone and container terminal offers your transshipment and inventory control to your entire east to west viz.


We operate multiple channels of distribution whether wholesale stores, retails or supplies. Our specialized team manages the various channels precisely meeting customer demand and quality. We operate over 500 deliveries from the central fruits and vegetables market


We operate the whole supply chain from production to storage, packaging, marketing and distribution. We manage crop pools combining several farmers producing local vegetables to meet our requirements locally as well as across borders.


Our distribution centres incorporates global standards and offers a range of services including warehousing, packaging, cross loading and palletizing, land transport, customs clearance, ocean freight and Air freight of fresh produce.

Approved Supplier - Certified Produce & Quality Management System

TUV Certified Food Safety Management System ISO 22000 - TUV Certified Quality Management System ISO 9001

YUM Approved Supplier

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About Us

A healthy society necessitates healthy and high-quality nutrition. As the leading trader of fresh fruits and vegetables in the Middle East, we offer a range of premium products sourced from farms around the globe. We promote over 2500 varieties of produce from multiple brands sourced from over 50 countries. We take pride in declaring that we are the first ISO certified fresh produce supplier in Oman. Bearing expertise in the industry since 1991, we enhance the global cold food supply chain, with a particular emphasis on fresh food in the Middle East.

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Storages 70200 Sqm
Refrigerated Truck 90+
Sales Points 100+
Delivery Count 600/Day
30 Years
Years Of Expertise
50+ Country
Global Sourcing
Product Varieties
Market Share

Our Vision

Consistent training on products, processes, hygiene, food safety and customer service without jeopardizing the effectiveness of the management system has raised our credibility as the most competent supplier for fresh produces in the region. Last mile logistics continues to pose challenges for our industry; our prime focus is on how to deliver food direct to consumers’ doors. Consumers’ demands for an array of healthy, nutritious foods—both chilled and frozen—is putting pressure on cold storage providers and traders to accommodate a growing perishables cold chain, at both key ports and inland locations. We pledge our expertise and competence to enhance global fresh food supply chain.

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